digital media

video • motion graphics • 3D animation

Digital media is at the heart of who we are. We produce motion graphics, interactive infographics and applications, and compelling video and animations.

The design team at ruef has the experience and expertise to create stunning work in traditional physical formats. We can make your business shine, however, when we use our expertise to create digital media that will truly make your company stand out.

Even the most intricate processes and products can be broken down into the simplest visuals using video, animation and motion graphics. Imagine the complexities of your company, the day-to-day challenges and the tales of success you have brought to your customers – all summed up in an engaging video or animation. Imagine being able to replace boxes of sales sheets and expensive brochures with an iPad or microsite that displays a 3D landscape or interactive application. Digital media allows you to communicate with your customers, employees and partners in ways that previously were not possible.

Video and motion graphics have tremendous potential to instill emotion and affect business decisions (and not to mention your company will look rad).

  • product training videos: 12-part series
  • video production for engineering company
    video production for structural and mechanical engineering company
  • digital media - Planes
    video promo for commercial moving company
  • 3D animation for gearbox manufacturer
    3D animation and video production for gearbox manufacturer
  • digital media - Cupper
    blueprint animation featuring motion graphics and 3D animation
  • digital media - Planes
    motion graphics overview of commercial moving company
  • video interviews and TV commercial for law firm
  • digital media - Stober
    full video production featuring video, motion graphics
  • digital media - Planes
    motion graphics animation for global logistics company