three-dimensional renderings

360°, photo-realistic designs. The rendering, shown below in snapshots of different angles, exists as a 3D object, which has limitless potential in terms of practical use. The rendering can be placed in interactive environments, video, mobile applications, and more. An elegant and powerful tool for project managers, manufacturers, architects, engineers, and sales teams, to name a few.

digital media - Stober

full video production featuring video, motion graphics

A modern, high-level look at specialized gearboxes. A mix of video, motion graphics and 3D animation allows the audience to see inside the detailed processes and abilities of a high-end producer of gearboxes. The video features a professional voice-over and audio design, including an original background score.

Industry Specific

industry specific 3D model/infographic

Innovation within industry is a constant. Machinery propels the conveyors. Progression of machinery carries the industry. The food and beverage industry is at the forefront of this growth. Now take an overview – an artistic interpretation – of a mile long plant, and condense it into a birds-eye view. A high-level perspective that highlights both the pain points and the evolution …

architectural rendering

Envision a space before breaking ground. Imagine an energetic communal space and bring it to life before the infrastructure exists. A static graphic or a 3D rendering allows a guided tour through a screen. A tool for the architect – a clear vision for his or her audience.

Infographic of an energy flow.

infographic of schematic views

Infographic of an energy flow. Bringing a blueprint or schematic to life visually can expedite comprehension of relevant content. From designing backup grid systems to waterways and city layouts, the power of infographics are an authoritative and valuable asset for big-picture planners, from civil engineers and plant engineers, to electrical engineers and programmers.

Rendering highly-detailed, engineered products and concepts with clarity and precision.

parts and assemblies 3D modeling

Rendering highly-detailed, engineered products and concepts with clarity and precision. This eight-stage liquid pump has been quarter-cut to expose the pump’s internal design. Red designates quarter-cut surfaces, and blue has been used to illustrate liquid flow. Running along the stainless steel shaft we emphasize a series of precision impellers.  

interactive application | Group2_01c

interactive 3D landscape for steel industry

A design fully optimized for mobile and web platforms. The steel industry is a grimy and scorching hot environment. In this illustration we’ve wiped the slate clean and added warmth only to the information hotspots that need to be highlighted. It’s our job to understand these environments and create infographics that not only educate, but engage.