digital media - Planes

motion graphics overview of commercial moving company

Using motion graphics, we are able to create an overview of this commercial moving company. Probably a better term for motion graphics is “moving infographic.” Videos like this are a great way to explain products and services in a brief, but detailed, manner.

2D animation for technology company

a modern approach. Socius is a technology and business consulting firm based in Columbus, Ohio. As a 20-year member company of the Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle, Socius needed a video explaining their company model. We created a 1-minute 2D animation to explain Socius’ products and services.

digital media - Stober

full video production featuring video, motion graphics

A modern, high-level look at specialized gearboxes. A mix of video, motion graphics and 3D animation allows the audience to see inside the detailed processes and abilities of a high-end producer of gearboxes. The video features a professional voice-over and audio design, including an original background score.

digital media - Planes

motion graphics animation for global logistics company

A global logistics process, stylized, simplified and expounded in less than a couple of minutes. 2D animation and motion graphics provided the groundwork on which this brief, stylish video was created. The script was written by ruef communications specialists, and a professional voice-over was employed to empathize the messaging.