website design and development for healthcare facility relocations company

challenge GWS Healthcare, a company specializing in healthcare facility relocations, needed a website design that could display the full breadth of the company’s capabilities and technologies, as well as case studies, common customer challenges, and the “stories behind the stories.” GWS Healthcare needed a web and marketing strategy partner, not just a web design firm. process ruef content developers and …

company culture video for lumber sawmill

strategy As one of the world’s largest producers of American quartersawn hardwoods (and one of our favorite clients), Frank Miller Lumber has always been dedicated to connecting their business with employees and the community on a much more personal level. They approached us a few months ago with a need to communicate and promote this passion. We identified that they …

trade show and messaging campaign for move management firm

challenge Move management firm GWS/JLL Synergy, a division of GWS, a moving and warehousing company, needed a new web presence and marketing materials. But before that, an important trade show was coming up. The trade show and conference is held annually by JLL, GWS’ integrated client. JLL asked trade show booth participants to provide their promotional materials prior to the …

branding and website for firefighter cancer prevention organization

Firefighter Cancer Consultants, LLC assists fire departments across the country to establish or enhance their firefighter cancer awareness, prevention, and support programs. ruef Design was founded in 2013 by Dayton native and former Dayton firefighter Zack Ruef. Coming from a family of firefighters (Ruef’s father and grandfather were captains in the Dayton Fire Department), Zack worked as a firefighter/paramedic for …

website design and messaging project for tool and engineering company

Ahaus Tool & Engineering designs and builds custom automation and workholding products for manufacturing customers across the globe. The company needed a new website design that more accurately represented their company. The website, which can be found here, features an modern and simple design, a client-accessible back-end, and a responsive, mobile-friendly platform.  

motion graphics overview of commercial moving company

motion graphics overview of commercial moving company

Using motion graphics, we are able to create an overview of this commercial moving company. Probably a better term for motion graphics is “moving infographic.” Videos like this are a great way to explain products and services in a brief, but detailed, manner.

messaging and logo development for law firm

Bieser Greer, a 160-year-old law firm in Dayton, Ohio, needed a refined messaging and content strategy that spoke to their target audience in a confident and assuring tone. [soliloquy id=”3355″]   The law firm asked ruef to lead their effort to revitalize and modernize the firm’s brand, including the logo design. The result is a sleek professional logo with a red …

2D animation for technology company

a modern approach. Socius is a technology and business consulting firm based in Columbus, Ohio. As a 20-year member company of the Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle, Socius needed a video explaining their company model. We created a 1-minute 2D animation to explain Socius’ products and services.

motion graphics animation for global logistics company

motion graphics animation for global logistics company

A global logistics process, stylized, simplified and expounded in less than a couple of minutes. 2D animation and motion graphics provided the groundwork on which this brief, stylish video was created. The script was written by ruef communications specialists, and a professional voice-over was employed to empathize the key messaging.