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zack ruef
owner, designer, strategy

Zack, our lead designer, is a patented inventor and award-winning 3D artist, product developer, animator and director. At ruef, he leads a team of enthusiastic innovators, and is constantly creating new ideas and avenues of success for those ideas. His passion to create extends to those who may not otherwise have a road to creative strategy, including business owners, companies, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, artists, engineers, designers, inventors, and more.


dane coleman
communications, web, strategy

With an extensive background in digital marketing agency work, including strategy, public relations, and web design, Dane is adept at writing, designing and presenting intriguing, concise creative and technical content intended to describe and promote products and services. At ruef, he directs the process of bringing products, services and ideas to life through client and media relationships, web design, concept development, and the written word.


james davis
photography, strategy, web

James brings his award-winning photography experience and extensive communications aptitude to the digital marketing agency world, creating images, web designs and strategies that highlight the very best of a customer's processes, products, and profiles. An accomplished videographer and an excellent writer and communicator, James helps ruef develop content that supports all design and media efforts.


brent thurston
motion graphics, graphics

Brent consistently exceeds customer expectations. At ruef, his keen eye for motion graphics, visuals, video, and graphic design helps customers display their products and services on highly-targeted and intelligent platforms. As lead camera operator and video editor, Brent always stays on top of new technologies and methods, helping to ensure our videos and animations are always three steps ahead of the competition.


mike monaghan
strategy, account management

Mike is an energetic, results-oriented business management professional with a strategic mind and a cooperative approach to creating mutually beneficial outcomes. A charismatic leader, Mike exudes infectious excitement at ruef that drives all to exceed expectations.

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