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5 reasons you should update your website

Websites are a great marketing and sales tool, and they are also the online representation of your brand. In today’s day and age every business needs an online presence. If your business doesn’t have a website, stop reading now let’s get chatting. If you’re still reading, let’s dive into the 5 reasons you should update your website.

1 your website is not reflective of your current brand

If you have had a branding change or update your website should be updated as well. Your site and brand should mirror each other. Differences in continuity can cause confusion for your customers. A clear relation between your branding and website makes a cohesive identity for you and your company.

2 you updated your products or services

If you added or removed services your company offers it is imperative that your website accommodates these changes. Misinformation can lead to customer frustration. Rather, constant updates with new services can generate interest and web traffic. After updating or creating your website we can provide training on how you can edit your own site to ensure content is current and has your latest offerings.

3 your website is loading slow

Nobody likes waiting for anything, let alone a slowly loading website. At ruef, we design websites with speed in mind, compressing image sizes while retaining image quality, minimizing unnecessary code, and optimizing user experiences. We use the latest tools to create fast and custom websites catered to your needs. With these changes we can make any site perform to its fullest potential, while also looking as cool and modern as ever.

4 your website is unusable or ugly on mobile devices

We have all seen those websites that you try using on your phone that are impossible to see anything and frankly, don’t work at all. People still browse the web on computers and laptops, but it is important a site looks good and performs well on smartphones and tablets. Here at ruef, spend just as much time optimizing websites for mobile use as we do for desktop use.  We create mobile experiences that are natural for handheld devices. You won’t have to worry about information not showing and impossible-to-use forms: we’ve got you covered.

5 your website does not stand out

This is probably the most important reason why you would want to update your website. Your site needs to be memorable and leave a lasting impact to give you a boost above your competition. A website that is visually appealing makes you want to revisit the website and it creates a memorable experience for your users.

We do everything we can at ruef to create amazing websites for our clients. The websites we build are functional, customized, and practical. We are your one stop shop for everything from branding to website design. You can check out some of the amazing websites we created in these links here.

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If you are ready to get started on a web update or want us to create your very first website, click the link here and let’s create a good idea together.