We merge art, engineering and strategic communications to produce compelling designs and effective digital marketing campaigns. We believe in nurturing good ideas with strategic design.

Let's create a good idea together.


Tell your company's story through
motion graphics, pro video, and animation.

Let's create a good idea together.

Let's create a good idea together.

Let's create a good idea together.

3D model of a generator set or genset


We specialize in modern and strategic design that helps brands elevate their print and online presence and soar above the competition.

From web design and development to 3D modeling and graphic design, our team works with clients to develop strategies, assets and entire campaigns that not only look beautiful, but directly affect and support sales efforts and the bottom line.

Nothing leaves our doors unless it is the very best work we are capable of producing.

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creative services for

manufacturers and innovators


Digital media is at the heart of who we are. We produce motion graphics, interactive infographics and applications, and compelling video and animations.

Even the most intricate processes and products can be broken down into the simplest visuals using video, animation and motion graphics. Digital media allows you to communicate with your customers, employees and partners in ways that previously were not possible.

Video and motion graphics have tremendous potential to instill emotion and affect business decisions (and not to mention your company will look rad).

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ruef was hired to do an animated video for our gearboxes. We supplied ruef with a link to our CAD site and some general information and they handled the rest, from renderings to script to music. It was a dream to have someone willing to take the initiative and capable of quickly understand our products and business."

Amy Appelman, Marketing Coordinator, STOBER Drives, Inc.
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Before we can create a beautiful and modern design or digital media project, a targeted communications and messaging strategy must be developed.

We work closely with marketing managers, engineers, sales teams, and CEOs to gain insight and perspective about business goals, the competition, past strategies, pain points, target audiences, and more.

We take a high-level look at your goals and develop design and media strategies that support those goals. And we take your expectations and work diligently to blow them away.

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Modern design and digital media means taking your brand to the next level. It means taking good ideas and nurturing them with video, motion graphics, 3D animation, and web design. It means looking to the future with interactive sales tools, a 3D brand, and a vision for what’s coming.

Zack Ruef, owner and lead designer (and patented inventor, award-winning 3D artist, product developer, animator and director), had a vision in 2013 to start a design company that combines enthusiastic innovators and creatives to develop modern design and digital media campaigns. His passion to create extends to those who may not otherwise have a road to creative strategy, including business owners, companies, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, artists, engineers, designers, inventors, and more.

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