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ruef is a Dayton marketing agency and visual communications design firm specializing in the production of dynamic and engaging video, web, print, and digital media, including CGI and 3D technical animation.

Some agencies think that the business-to-consumer world is where all of the cool and sexy stuff live.

We don’t.

Our professional backgrounds have all been honed within business-to-business marketing. Someone makes literally everything that we use every day, and sometimes that work or the processes involved are complex.

And telling those complex stories is what makes creativity fun.


engineered for manufacturers
and businesses-to-business


2D and 3D animations are at the heart of who we are. We produce motion graphics, interactive infographics, and compelling marketing and technical animations.

Even the most intricate processes and products can be broken down into the simplest visuals using animation and motion graphics. 3D animation allows you to communicate with your customers, employees and partners in ways that previously were not possible.

Motion graphics have tremendous potential to instill emotion and affect business decisions (and not to mention your company will look rad).

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Dayton marketing agency logo design

branding & strategy

Your brand should reflect what you represent with a single glance. It is our belief that lasting competitiveness is derived from an investment in a strong visual brand identity and a consistent approach to that brand across all mediums.

We do so much more than design logos. We develop brand strategies that align your organization's visual efforts, including brand guidelines, colors, fonts, print strategies, and more.

We work closely with marketing managers, engineers, sales teams, and CEOs to gain insight and perspective about business goals, the competition, past strategies, pain points, target audiences, and more.

We take a high-level look at your goals and develop design and media strategies that support those goals. And we take your expectations and work diligently to blow them away.

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digital marketing

digital marketing

The modern business world is conducted online through Zoom calls and web experiences. When trade shows come back, they may not look the same (and why wait for them to come back?). The handshake and business card is being replaced by LinkedIn and websites.

We help companies with digital marketing efforts, and we specialize in developing unique and compelling strategies for the modern era.

  • We can take your presentations to the next level with beautiful design, from PowerPoint templates and online sales brochures, to complete  interactive experiences.
  • We can elevate your social media platforms with consistent communication and data-driven information across all digital marketing channels
  • We can help write company blog posts and whitepapers, key strategies to boosting website traffic, and essential for SEO efforts

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video production

We specialize in the production of modern and strategic videos that help brands elevate their message and soar above the competition.

Our full video production crew is capable of on-location video shoots, 4K footage capture, and even drone footage capture for those aerial or motion shots.

We offer strategic script development, have a full in-house editing suite, and use professional music beds and voice-over talent for maximum quality, producing marketing and internal videos ready for television, social media, or on your website.

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Dayton web design & development

web design & development

We are a web and marketing strategy partner, not just a web developer. Our approach to website design and development is straightforward, expedient, and prompt.

Our small team of designers and strategic planners work as efficiently as possible to understand your company’s messaging and business development goals, and deliver a modern, beautiful, responsive, and user-friendly website that achieves those goals.

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