& strategy

& strategy

campaigns, logos, targeted messaging, PR, and graphic design

what is branding?

Your brand is more than your logo. It's an extension of your company's mission statement.

We are more than a design and advertising agency in Dayton, OH (although we are probably the best Dayton has to offer), we are experienced branding and graphic design strategists. We are a group of creative individuals, and our creativity shines in the work we do for our clients. We believe that brand identity relies on targeted messaging, powerful print and digital campaigns, and communications strategies that reach target audiences.

Whether we are building a new brand or developing support materials for an existing brand, we can take your business to the next level, visually and strategically.

What is a brand? What is branding? When we talk about branding, of course we refer to a company's logo, iconography, color palette, fonts, linework, etc. But to us, branding is more about strategy, including:

  • logo design
  • brand strategy
  • rebranding
  • graphic design
  • messaging
  • campaigns
  • trade show support materials
  • banner stands
  • public relations
  • business card design
  • letterhead design
  • email signature designs
  • PowerPoint templates
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messaging strategy

Messaging is an important exercise in a new campaign involving the development of communications such as taglines and calls-to-action. Our process involves the development of messages around your services and products that speak to your target audience, using words and designs that embed ideas in the minds of your audience.

With a thorough understanding of  key audiences based on research and discussions with your team, and with a thorough understanding of the features and benefits of your products and services, we can create compelling targeted messages to industry markets.

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reputation management

Modern customers are using online business listings and reviews to vet local businesses and make purchase decisions of every size. It is essential to ensure brand consistency and accuracy across all business listings.

First, we use a tool that updates business information and auto-syncs changes across 50+ review sites and directories, including Google, Bing, Yelp, Apple Maps, and Yahoo! so your company is found easily by search engines. We monitor the results and implement changes where needed, tracking local competitors, monitoring online reviews, and providing detailed reports to your team.

It is time to get organized. Your company logo deserves to be seen by the world in a consistent, accurate, and professional light.

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our branding process

1. We work with key members of your team to determine your company's strengths and weaknesses. We analyze your competition: what are they doing right? What could they do better? What do you do better than them?

2. The creative process begins: research and discovery, initial design concepts, whiteboard meetings, brainstorming sessions, shower thoughts, light bulb moments, etc., all focused on your brand.

3. We provide design concepts early, so your team has time to provide feedback, which is an important part of the process.

4. We discover where the concepts are going to live. Email signatures and digital campaigns are on the rise in the age of online business, but offline sales are still crucial to the bottom line.

5. As the new brand assets are being finalized, we help determine what your team needs to boost sales. Meetings and presentations are happening more and more online. Imagine having a professionally developed presentation or video to back you up and help effect the bottom line.

6. This is where we take your brand and elevate it. We develop campaigns around your services and products that speak to your target audience. Campaign materials could include print or digital assets, but the most important part of an effective campaign is the messaging. We develop words and designs that plant ideas in the minds of your audience.


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