the future of augmented reality and virtual reality

It’s no secret that the world continues to evolve and change, technological advances being the most drastic. In a world of multiple possible realities, both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have completely innovated and altered nearly every industry today. From the way that consumers online shop, to how industrial engineers build and create machinery, AR and VR play an important role in it all. From an article written by Allie Cooper, published on

“A study published on Advances in Computer Science Research shows that VR has had a huge impact on industrial design, providing more intuitive ways to produce new things. While the 3D modelling of product designs is nothing new, they don’t communicate the actual vision of the industrial designers — hence, taking up more time in back and forth revisions. With VR, the clients and manufacturers can scrutinize the design more meticulously by seeing it from a holistic point of view that can situate the future product in real-world settings.”

The application of technological advancements in the specific industrial design industry relates to a multitude of businesses. Not only are these mixed realities enhancing design processes, but they have the ability to save time and energy on every step of the production process from beginning to end. At ruef we pride ourselves on our advanced capabilities to take an everyday process for large businesses and create 3D and technical animations that can not only aid employees and manufactures, but the customers working with these complex products. Augmented and virtual reality also have the ability to strengthen the marketing and sales for every industry:

“Customers and stakeholders can now experience a service or product before it is even made through stunning visualizations, all conveniently found within a headset. This gives businesses who use VR for marketing and sales a competitive edge, as they can let viewers see simulations of a product in a uniquely fun and engaging way.”

While marketing and sales are uniquely intertwined, digital marketing through mixed reality has the capabilities to boost sales dramatically. In the state of the world today every aspect has become safer and more convenient done virtually, so moving to a constantly improving digital platform only makes sense for nearly every industry.