modern storytellers

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‘Communications’ is a big word – the business world in particular uses it many different ways. It can mean public relations, technical writing, marketing, copywriting, social media, human resources, sales, etc. The list goes ever on.

At ruef, we use the term ‘communications’ to mean one thing: words.

Whether written, spoken or sung, our words are how we communicate with one another – how we connect with each other. We need words to outline ideas and help explain those ideas to others. We need words to tell a loved one how we feel about them. We need words to document our past and guide our future.

Your business, product or brand has a story to tell, and while ruef may specialize in telling that story visually with 3D and 2D animation, video and infographics, those images – no matter how captivating – don’t mean anything without a compelling written story or script.

Thus, when we meet with potential customers, ruef always sends a writing specialist to accompany the visual arts specialist or team. We do this to make sure we are telling the best possible story – your story.

ruef is not a marketing company, and we are not copywriters – we are modern storytellers.