3D rendering | RuthDeco_R4.10

the (endless) possibilities and applications of 3D design

A client came to us asking for 3D models of some of their machines. This client manufactures large, complex machines capable of manipulating steel and aluminum at high speeds and with meticulous precision (within hundredths of millimeter tolerances, to be exact), including cuppers, extruders, trimmers, decorators (“can printers”), and more.

The company has a wide range of production machinery, with each machine looking wildly different from the next. For our 3D wizards to create detailed models of the company’s line of machines, we don’t necessarily have to become experts of each machine’s functionality. We simply use what the client can provide in terms of photography and dimensions.

From there we can create a multi-angle 3D rendering that is highly detailed and photo-realistic. The client can take this rendering and use it in a number of applications and designs.

Imagine having the ability to take 3D models of one of your products and drop in into a landscape or schematic of a manufacturing environment, a warehouse, or even a city. From a design and planning standpoint, having this ability can significantly improve and expedite internal processes. From a sales perspective, the applications are endless. Imagine a team of your salespersons walking a trade show floor with iPads full of 3D, 360° designs of your products.

We’re pushing the envelope in 3D design – and we’re helping clients with the application of these designs in many innovative and exciting ways.

Work with us. We’ll make sure you’re geared for the future.