the necessity of simple, gorgeous, responsive web design

Modern web design, like any design process, requires a patient hand and an eye for beauty and empathy. The visitor must be engaged in such a way that it draws their attention to not only the most beautiful elements, but to the most important content.

Good web design is intended to appeal to the user or customer, which in turn appeals to the robots (or spiders, as we like to call them) of the great and powerful G-men (SEO-optimized-content-hungry Google wizards).

The best way to ensure the G-men are happy is to ensure the average visitor to your website would be happy. Design with the user in mind. How can this be accomplished? By abiding to a strict rule of empathy.

We’ve discussed the importance of empathy in design before. But what does empathy mean in web design? Let’s lay it out:

modern web design

Simplicity. Modern web design should make sense. The user should be able to quickly grasp the concept of the content, be it promoting a business or product, or providing useful information. Don’t waste time on lengthy marketing B.S., as outlined this earlier post.

Beauty. Images are capable of explaining a company, product or service a lot quicker than words in many cases. Beauty in web design is achieved through high resolution (and highly-professional) photography, compelling video and animation, and unique and dynamic infographics. Luckily, ruef offers all of these services.

Responsiveness. Computers (desktops and laptops) are still the most commonly-used devices for accessing websites, especially in the B2B world. That said, cross-platform accessibility is a must for every website. Your customers and visitors expect, and deserve, a tailored online experience, even if they’re browsing on their iPhone or tablet or whatever the kids are using these days. ruef offers responsive web design.

Keep the G-men happy. Design with empathy in mind. Or work with ruef, and let us design for your business an unpretentious, unique, and elegant responsive website.