there’s more to your company’s story than just what you sell

The term “company culture” has become an increasingly popular buzzword over the past several years. This has sparked an interest in many companies across the country to create or define a culture, often focusing on employee health, internal communications, environmental and community efforts, commitments to product and service quality, and so on.

Company culture – which can be loosely defined as the personality of the company – is becoming more and more important to a sustainable business model. Executives and consumers alike realize the importance of fostering inclusivity both internally and externally.

As one of the world’s largest producers of American quartersawn hardwoods (and one of our favorite clients), Frank Miller Lumber has always been dedicated to connecting their business with employees and the community on a much more personal level. They approached us a few months ago with a need to communicate and promote this passion. We identified that they needed a highly-visual, modern, and calculated messaging campaign, including a video, a landing page, and a social media strategy.

We worked directly with Frank Miller Lumber leadership to make sure we were sharing the right messages and connecting with the right employees. We scheduled a video shoot for an early morning at the Frank Miller Lumber facility, capturing team members in the retail store, the warehouse, the sawmill floor, and the front desk/office area.

The new culture campaign emphasizes that the Union City, Indiana business is “more than a sawmill.” In Frank Miller Lumber’s own words: “Our core values and our people are the foundation of our culture.”

The Frank Miller Lumber Company Culture video we produced blends live action footage with motion graphics and text, supported by resolute, inspiring music.

For the family-owned lumber producer, people come first. There would be no Frank Miller Lumber if it weren’t for those that support the business. Most importantly, there would be no Frank Miller Lumber if there was no Union City community. To give their thanks, the company participates in philanthropic activities like sponsoring their local FFA chapter and The Union City Arts Festival. President and CEO Steve James is on the board for the Randolph County Economic Development Corp., assisting in the area’s business environment by providing resources, infrastructure, and skilled workforces.

With a little help, Frank Miller Lumber is now a shining example of how a company should represent themselves to employees, the community, and the industry.

ruef is committed to helping companies in developing their own unique culture strategy. “Company culture” is more than a buzzword, it’s a good idea.