using video to tell your company’s story – part 2

the power of motion

While you may not be familiar with the term “motion graphics,” odds are that you’ve seen a wide variety of them in videos, websites and television. Motion graphics are animated 2D and 3D images and text. They’re used to highlight features, show logos and brand elements in motion, create illusions and eye-candy, and in general, share additional information than what’s in the foreground or background. The applications of motion graphics are endless.

At ruef, we use motion graphics to tell stories. We feel that animation is the most direct and aesthetically appealing way to show even the most complex messages. We don’t just make logos bounce around or fly into frame – we make entire animated worlds.

Traditional methods of communication have many limitations and conception barriers. Words, both spoken and written, require the audience to have an understanding of the language and an equal level of comprehension. Images, even the most striking, only show one angle of a subject, frozen in time, lacking context and substance.

With animation, however, even the most multifaceted, intricate subject can be broken down and explained. A talented animator can make a turbine engine make sense to a child. A semiconductor can be taken apart piece by piece and examined with the most thorough detail. A pioneering, global logistics process can be stylized, simplified and expounded in less than a couple of minutes.

animation and motion graphics:

  • dynamic, time-based
  • quickly grabs the attention of the viewer; entertaining
  • show what cannot be photographed or captured in a single frame
  • can be used to demonstrate concepts or prototypes that have yet to be developed
  • sophisticated and modern 

We humans are a simple folk. We like things to make sense, and we don’t like our time wasted. In particular, the new generation of workers and buyers (engineers, entrepreneurs, technicians, IT, managers, scientists, doctors, manufacturers, marketers, etc.) prefer to access and absorb information quickly and visually. The younger and more technologically-oriented your audience becomes, the more important video, animation and motion graphics will be for your message to have any influence.

Make an impact. Tell your company’s story by putting it in motion.