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recruitment video for accounting firm

recruitment video for accounting firm

Flagel Huber Flagel (FHF) is one of the most respected accounting firms in southwest Ohio. For over 85 years they have been committed to serving the greater Dayton community with insight, integrity, and innovation in helping businesses thrive and families build wealth. Going beyond just taxes and accounting, they offer a range of advisory, planning, and consulting services to support their clients in an ever-changing business environment. One of the secrets to Flagel Huber Flagel’s long history of success: their people. Wanting to show potential clients their most valuable asset while finding and attracting new employees with similar values and drives, FHF turned to ruef to create a series of long- and shortform videos to help showcase the company’s culture of productivity, cooperation, and work life balance.

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ruef met with FHF’s marketing consultant and in-house team to learn what makes them such a special place to work and what were the key messages they wanted to communicate. Upon learning how important life outside of the office is to Flagel Huber Flagel, we set out to create a shooting schedule that would include off-site get togethers for employees. We discussed key messages, themes, style, and the on-screen talent that would be bringing it all to life. As with any of our clients looking to communicate their company culture in a very genuine way, performing in front of the camera usually is not their employees’ primary calling in life. ruef took great care to direct the process in a way that would keep the shoots unscripted while still eliciting sincere responses that touched on all of the most important details.

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The Flagel Huber Flagel staff that bravely stepped in front of the camera shined beyond expectations! A full slate of videos that serve both marketing and recruitment are now available tools for the Flagel Huber Flagel team. Presenting an honest look at the people and culture of the firm, these videos can be used for a wide range of platforms and situations and for a variety of goals. FHF can now show what most other companies can only try to express in words.

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