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marketing and philanthropy from cutting-edge science company

marketing and philanthropy from cutting-edge science company

UES Inc. is an Ohio-based research and development company with expertise in materials science, aerospace power and propulsion, bio and nanoscale technologies, and several other cutting-edge sciences. They work closely with the Department of Defense and regularly work with partners like the Air Force Research Laboratory as well as industry clients like General Electric, Rolls Royce, and Pratt and Whitney.

UES has an obvious need to create compelling video content that helps secure funding, educates partners, and brings new technologies to the commercial marketplace. But they are also heavily involved in their community, bringing science education opportunities to local students. ruef has been able to use its creative powers and technical skills to assist UES on all of these fronts.


our process

ruef’s work for UES has primarily focused on video, but the work has been anything but routine. Over the course of this client relationship, the production process for ruef has included everything from attaining security clearances to creating highly detailed 3D models of real-world equipment, figuring out how to film in 120-degree environments, to interviewing teenage future scientists. This has required detailed reference photography for modeling, innovative filming techniques to safeguard people and equipment, and multi-week shoot schedules to accommodate subject matter experts. Regardless of project scopes and challenges, the ruef team is committed to adapting to each production and providing professional, consistent, captivating content.
Zack Ruef with Camera


ruef has created several videos for UES and their partners, some of which we can’t show you. (Sorry, not until you get your security clearance!) We value the partnership with UES because it has allowed us to put a wide range of our expertise to use on a diverse set of projects. Here are a couple of examples of our work that range from highly technical to emotional and inspiring.

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