will software one day be able to create original digital art or effective design without artists and designers?

Having been a child when cell phones became a thing, I find it crazy how quickly new technology is developed. For example, I am dictating this blog on my phone and, with very few exceptions, the software does a superb job of translating my voice into text. In my childhood, this would have been the stuff of dreams, or at least the Knight Industries Two Thousand (Google it).

I work in video production, motion graphics, and graphic design for ruef. I’ve been interested lately in the efforts by Google to develop an AI that can recognize or even produce artwork. Many people have probably seen some of the digital art Google’s AI neural networks began producing in 2016. These technologies are still in their infancy, but the question arises: will software one day be able to create original, inspired art or relevant, effective design without the need for artists and designers?

No one can predict the future, but when it comes to design I tend to think not. There is no substitute for real interactions with clients and working together to determine the best way to help them.

Technology is not something to be feared, but a tool to be used. Technological developments in AI, algorithms, voice recognition and motion capture can be used to create new types of artwork and expand creative horizons; much the same way tools like Wacom tablets changed how digital art could be created.

I get to work with a lot of creative people at ruef. When we’re not busy creating custom digital art, marketing and advertising pieces for our clients, we’re keeping an eye on emerging technology and creative ways to utilize it. VR and AR are just two examples. More on that to come…

Will there ever be a substitute for good, old-fashioned inspiration and creativity? I don’t think so. And the ability to get to know a client in person and design effectively for them is part of what makes working at ruef such a blast.


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