the difference between a marketing agency and a design agency

ruef may be a small design agency, but we have a wide range of skills and services, which means low overhead compared to the typical large marketing agency.

Our clients speak directly to the people doing the work, unlike larger marketing agencies that play telephone between the client, the account executive, the strategy team, the production team, management, and so on. Our small group of designers wear many hats and our skills overlap. On any given day in the ruef offices, a 3D specialist might be doing website development work, or a writer might be editing video, or the founder and owner might be doing the dishes. No task is too menial for any team member of ruef, and nothing leaves our doors unless it is the very best we are capable of producing.

From speaking directly to our clients’ CEOs, marketing teams, and engineers, we translate our findings into new messaging campaigns, brand design and media productions. We are slim and trim, but still able to compete with large agencies, if not provide additional services, such as 3D and motion graphics, that most Midwest agencies simply don’t offer.

While we do provide the work and skills one might expect from a digital marketing agency, we prefer to define our company as a design firm, as good design is the root of everything that leaves our door, whether for B2B, B2C, marketing, sales, internal company communications, or even our own internal projects and inventions.

Good design grabs attention. And once we have someone’s attention… that’s where the fun begins.

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by dane coleman
communications, web, strategy