music video contest: three runners up

We would like to give a huge shout out to every incredible artist that made submission to our FREE music video contest!

This was an extremely difficult decision for us to make but we would like to thank our runners up in the competition for all of their hard work and amazing music. Seriously, Dayton has some crazy talented artists and musicians! This was not an easy decision.

Ultimately we went with Yuppy as the winner to our free music video contest, but we did narrow the decision down to four Dayton artists/bands.

Our top three runners up that we are grateful to have gotten the chance to meet and potentially work with, in alphabetical order:

Amber Hargett

@amberhargettmusic on the socials


Beautiful, passionate alternative folk; each song tells a story.






Clark Manson

@clarkmanson on the socials


Modern country with a laid-back attitude; pure fun.






Mariah J.


@iam_mariah_j on the socials


Poet & singer-songwriter with a style reminiscent of Erykah Badu and Janelle Monáe.






It was great getting to meet and talk with each musician, and we look forward to collaborating with every artist in the future.

Please check out all three artists on all social media and listen to all of their music! Each artist is worthy of being added to your Spotify playlist.