quartersawn video screenshot

3D animation and full video production of lumber manufacturing process

strategy Located in Union City, IN, Frank Miller Lumber is a premier provider of quartersawn red oak, white oak and other hardwoods.  Frank Miller Lumber needed a way to highlight the company’s unique quartersawing process, a sawing method that produces the industry’s most stable and beautiful lumber for end use in the manufacturing of flooring, furniture, cabinetry, and more. Frank …

product training videos: 12-part series

strategy STOBER Installation and Maintenance Product Training Videos: 12-part series STOBER came to us with a need for product training videos that gave their customers the ability to install and maintain STOBER gearboxes. Such educational videos help prevent STOBER’s engineers from having to go to each client’s facility, and create cost savings for customers by improving safety standards, extending product …

digital media - Planes

motion graphics overview of commercial moving company

Using motion graphics, we are able to create an overview of this commercial moving company. Probably a better term for motion graphics is “moving infographic.” Videos like this are a great way to explain products and services in a brief, but detailed, manner.

2D animation for technology company

a modern approach. Socius is a technology and business consulting firm based in Columbus, Ohio. As a 20-year member company of the Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle, Socius needed a video explaining their company model. We created a 1-minute 2D animation to explain Socius’ products and services.

digital media - Stober

full video production featuring video, motion graphics

A modern, high-level look at specialized gearboxes. A mix of video, motion graphics and 3D animation allows the audience to see inside the detailed processes and abilities of a high-end producer of gearboxes. The video features a professional voice-over and audio design, including an original background score.

digital media - Planes

motion graphics animation for global logistics company

A global logistics process, stylized, simplified and expounded in less than a couple of minutes. 2D animation and motion graphics provided the groundwork on which this brief, stylish video was created. The script was written by ruef communications specialists, and a professional voice-over was employed to empathize the messaging.